• DuraTorque®
    Strength at Every Turn.

    DuraTorque® Even Layer Power Sections 


    Durability. Reliability. Advanced technology. Leading-class engineering.  


    You can drill faster and longer using DuraTorque’s core strength – a more compact power section featuring a true hypocycloidal metal profile. Backing up that strength is rigid metal, the foundation of the innovative even layer design. The power section’s cylindrical shell is made from high-strength 4140 steel, making it significantly less susceptible to buckling or deformation compared to spiraled tubes. DuraTorque’s inherent rolling contact minimizes wear on moving parts, and its stepped interior profile provides a greater bonding surface as well as mechanical bonding characteristics.   


    This unique stator design generates up to two and a half times more power than standard stator designs while substantially improving motor rate of penetration.  This allows the drill operator to keep increased weight on bit without bending, chunking or breaking, providing torque that minimizes the key risk factors that contribute to catastrophic stator failure.   


    DuraTorque Even Layer Power Sections don’t just lead in strength. They’re engineered to freely flex all that muscle. Their flexibility even in tight turns and elevated temperatures gives your drilling operation what it needs to keep working and get the job done faster. Roper Pump Company’s DuraTorque is a leader in today’s power section marketplace, providing Strength at Every Turn 

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